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All major OTR (Off-The-Road) tyre sizes and brands.

Sourcing mining and earthmover tyres from an unrivalled network of suppliers, our custom database is constantly updated with thousands of currently available tyres.

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Tyres we regularly have for sale:

We trade in ALL sizes and brands, including major name brands (Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, etc.) and Asian brands (Triangle tyres, Tianli, Aeolus, etc), radial and bias.  Our most commonly traded sizes include:

(note: this is NOT an exhaustive list!)

1400R24 G2 E3 40.5/75R39 E3 L5
15.5R25 E3L3 45/65R39 L5
17.5-25 G2 E3 L3 L5 45/65-45 L5
17.5R25 G2 E3 L3 L5 45/65R45 L4 L5
20.5-25 G2 E3 L3 L5 45/65R45L4 L5
20.5R25 G2 E3 L3 L5 24.00R49 E4
23.5-25 G2 E3 L3 L5 2700R49 E4
23.5R25 G2 E3 L3 L5 3000R51 E4
26.5-25 E3L3 L5 L5S 3300R51 E4
26.5R25 E3 L3 L5 3600R51 E4
775/65R29 E3L3 3700R57 E4
525/95R25 XGC Crane 40.00R57 E4
29.5-25 E3 L3 L4 L5 46/90R57 E4
29.5R25 E3 L3 L4 L5 50/65R51 ?L5
29.5-29 E3 E4 L4 L5 52/80-57 L5
29.5R29 E3 E4 L4 L5 53/80R57 L5
29.5-29 Bias & Rad Scraper E3 55/80R57 L5
29.5-35 E3 55.5/80R57 L5
29.5R35 E3 50/80R57 E4
33.25-29 E3 50/90R57 E4
33.25R29 E3 58/85-57? L4 L5
35/65-33 L4 L5 60/60-57? L4 L5
35/65R33 E4 L4 L5 65/65-57? L4 ?L5
2100R35 E4 53/80R63? L4 L5
2400R35 E4 56/80R63 L4 L5
37.25R35 E3 E4 59/80R63 L4 L5
37.5-39 E3 L5 53/80R63 L4 L5
37.5R39 E3 L5 + more by request!

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