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Triangle Tyres for Sale

Triangle Tyres

Triangle Tyres was founded in 1976 by the Triangle Group and is the largest tyre producer in China, with annual production capacity of 30 million units.

Triangle tyres have received numerous certifications from over 60 countries and organisations (meeting the certification requirement for the global market), including CCC, ECE, DOT, ECE-Noise, INMETRO, LATU, GSO, SEI and others.  Additionally, having has passed stringent performance tests, Triangle have established strategic partnerships with Goodyear, Caterpillar and Volvo.

After 35+ years of testing and development, tyres by Triangle have established proven performance.  Jewell Tyres have many satisfied and repeat customers using Triangle tyres, with optimal results occurring in moderate operating conditions where extreme workloads are not prevalent.

Triangle Tyres Australia - Commonly traded sizes

We trade all large (earthmover) sizes at terrific prices.  We currently have great deals on:

Bias ply, Tubeless
17.5-25 16ply TL508 (LOM) E3L3
17.5-25 16ply TL612 (HRL) E3L3
20.5-25 20ply TL612 E3 L3
23.5-25 20ply TL612 E3L3
26.5-25 20ply TL612 E3L3
26.5-25 20ply TL612 E4
29.5-25 28ply TL612 E3
29.5-29 28ply TL612 E3
Many other sizes & ply rating options
Radial E3L3
1400R24*TB526 E2
17.5R25**TB516 E3L3
20.5R25**TB516 E3L3
23.5R25**TB516 E3L3
26.5R25**TB516 E3L3
29.5R25**TB516 E3L3
29.5R29**TB516 E3L3
750/65R25**TB598 E3
775/65R29**TB598 E3
33.25R29**TL568 E3
Radial E4
1400R24**TB516S E4
1800R33**TB526S E4
2100R35**TB526S E4
2400R35**TB526S E4
Radial L5
17.5R25**TB538S L5
20.5R25** TB538S L5
23.5R25** TB538S L5
26.5R25** TB538S L5
29.5R25** TB538S L5



Prices are subject to current availability, ex Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne warehouses.  Payment via EFT prior to release.


Common applications may include:

  • Articulated Dump Tucks
  • Loaders
  • Graders
  • Scrapers
  • Other Specialist Equipment

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